Sponsorship Packages

There are great ways for your organisation to partner with the EcoMarines Foundation.

Partnering with us allows your business to reach our EcoMarines community across Queensland, such as our schools and Early learning Centres.
Sponsorship Level
Schools Supported
Educational Reach
Value Add to Community
Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor

Partnership Benefits

Support programs that foster leadership among young learners as they influence positive environmental change from cradle to career.
Sponsorship opportunities include access to our Corporate Crew network that focuses on sustainability practices in the workplace and staff
Facilitation in reaching your Environmental, Social and Governance goals.
Connect with government, like-minded businesses and education providers at annual corporate networking and program events.
Community and brand recognition on EcoMarines publications, media and marketing materials.
Being a part of community working towards conserving our waterways, marine and terrestrial eco-systems for future generations.

Economic Benefit

Your investment in EcoMarines will give your business value add in the form of:
  • Economic impact of GSP $67.2 million per annum

  • Supporting over 230 full-time jobs across Queensland

  • For every dollar invested in EcoMarines, there is approximately $3 of reportable benefit to the community

Figures based on economic modelling by Emeritus Professor John Mangan and The Australian Institute for Business and Economics (AIBE), The University of Queensland
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"Urban Utilities is proud to be a sponsor of EcoMarines and be part of an education program that is focused on young people and communities developing environmental leadership. Urban Utilities has been a sponsor since 2014 and the EcoMarines team is constantly working with us to find innovative ways to deliver sponsorship value alongside the successful development of the environmental education programs."

Melissa Anderson
Marketing and Community Engagement Manager, Customer and Community
Urban Utilities
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