Our Programs

EcoMarines free environmental education programs foster leadership among young learners as they influence positive environmental change from cradle to career.

Our programs assist young learners in identifying environmental challenges within their schools. We support them to develop solutions, create peer to peer education and awareness and connect them with the right people in their communities.

Our programs are all about educating young people and empowering them to create change.
Key program benefits include:
Peer-to-peer environmental education.
Providing resources, competitions, activities and connections.
Ongoing support from the EcoMarines team for both learners and educators.
Opportunities to connect with like-minded educators and learners through events.
Providing leadership opportunities for environmentally minded learners
Tangible outcomes across a range of sustainable themes, such as waste reduction, habitat conservation, and more.

EcoMarines Programs

Mini Marines Program

We offer a free environmental education program to Early Learning Centres across Australia. The program includes educational resources, activities, competitions, and prizes across five important environmental areas. The goal is to implement sustainable practices and encourage positive behavioural change within the early years.
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Primary School Program

Best suited for grades 4-6, our Primary School Program involves the school appointing 4 Ambassadors (student conservation leaders). EcoMarines Ambassadors lead environmental activities within the school to tackle sustainability challenges impacting their local community.
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Secondary School Program

Although the Secondary School Program follows a similar outline as our Primary School Program, Secondary Ambassadors are awarded greater freedom to identify environmental issues important to their local community. Ambassadors are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to problem solve, along with connections to local industry experts to help tackle these issues.
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Flexible Learning Program

Our Flexible Learning Program is suited to alternative educational settings, such as home schools, hospital schools, and Outside School Hours Care Programs. This program involves environmental education delivered across four sustainability themes with set activities for young learners to complete each term.
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Your School's Sustainability Journey

The EcoMarines programs are a great way to get your school or educational setting meeting social, environmental and community goals. Our programs can be connected to:
  • ACARA Cross-Curricular Priority: Sustainability

  • United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals

  • Early Years Learning Framework