Flexible Learning Program

The EcoMarines Flexible Learning Program empowers young people to become conservation leaders within their local communities and educational settings.

This program has been designed as an alternative approach to the EcoMarines primary and secondary programs to allow a wider range of groups to access our resources, events and community within their own settings. This program is suitable for learners from homeschools, outside school hours care, hospital schools and other alternative educational settings.

About the EcoMarine's Program

We focus on restoring waterways from our mighty inland rivers to our magnificent coastal waters and protecting their eco-systems and the wildlife that depend on them.
Each school appoints an EcoMarines teacher and four student ambassadors to lead environmental projects and activities within the school and local environment.

We provide resources to inspire the ambassadors to run engaging initiatives within the school and community.

There are also opportunities for ambassadors and teachers to attend events and to network with other schools and community members.

To learn more about the great efforts of our schools, you can download a copy of our latest yearbook below.
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Flexible Learning Program Snapshot

Set environmental themes with corresponding activities
Access to up to four environmental presentations from EcoMarines Program Coordinators to foster environmental education
Activities are flexible, allowing adaptations to suit each group’s needs.

How it works

1. Getting Started!

Register your group to join this program. We recommend having at least four students (ages 9+) involved with an EcoMarines Facilitator (parent, teacher, etc.) who will assist in program operations.

Contact us to find out how to register, and to book an initial consultation.

2. Visit from EcoMarines Program Coordinator

Your group can choose to appoint four EcoMarines ambassadors who will take the lead in completing the set environmental activities, or keep the program open for anyone. We recommend booking an initial meeting with our Program Coordinators to meet the students and introduce them to our program.

3. Educational Themes

At the start of each term, the EcoMarines team will meet with your Ambassadors (in person or online) for a presentation about that term’s environmental theme. This can also be an opportunity for your Ambassadors to then share what they have learnt with other students.

4. Complete Your Activity

You will then have the remainder of the term to complete your activity.

How each group completes the activity is up to them. They may choose to spend some time each week working towards their goal or may decide to devote more time to it over a shorter period. The activities are designed to be completed flexibly.

5. Events

Educational groups that run on a typical school timetable will receive tickets to our EcoMarines events including:
  • Training Day event for Ambassadors to network, hear from industry experts and participate in environmental workshops hosted at a special environmental location

  • End-of-year celebration event to highlight the amazing work that our Ambassadors and teachers have accomplished

All groups will receive tickets to our weekend Community Events, which are also for EcoMarines friends and family.

6. Celebrate and Repeat

Once the four presentations are completed, you are more than welcome to start the process of appointing the following year’s Ambassadors, and then get ready to hear about the next themes at the start of the year!


We organise 4 events throughout the year to build our community. Two are on school days (organised through the school) and the others are on weekends (organised directly with parents).

None of our events are mandatory, but you won’t want to miss them!

Ambassador Training Day

Date: Early Term 2
Who: 1 x teacher and 4 x ambassadors
Where: Tangalooma Island Resort

All EcoMarines schools go to Moreton Island to meet each other, share ideas, learn about our environment and plan activities to do throughout the year!

The Wave

Date: Middle Term 2
Who: Principals, Teachers, ambassadors, support crew, sponsors, media and dignitaries
Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Wave is our big end of year celebration to recognize the amazing work our EcoMarine schools do to protects our marine wildlife and environments!

Care For Country

Date: Weekend in July/August
Who: Teachers, ambassadors, support crew and their families
Where: SEQ Region

Our Care 4 Country event is part of the Quandamooka Festival celebrating the Aboriginal culture, country and people of Moreton Bay. Attendees meet Aboriginal elders, create artwork and participate in traditional story telling and ceremonies.

Clean-Up Australia Day

Date: Weekend in March on National Clean Up Australia Day
Who: Teachers, ambassadors and their families (numbers limited)
Where: Locations vary year to year

We hold a Clean Up Australia Day event to reduce the amount of litter ending up in our waterways! Ambassadors, teachers, support crew and family are invited to attend. The event will include a litter collection, presentations and workshops.

“I loved all of the hands on activities and learning to work in groups and share ideas. I'm so proud of our group for reducing their waste and making small changes that have big impacts!”

EcoMarines Ambassador
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