About EcoMarines

EcoMarines Foundation is not for profit organisation providing free environmental education programs to schools and learning centres across Queensland.

We partner with businesses, government and like-minded organisations to support our community in creating positive behaviour change for marine and terrestrial eco-systems.

Team EcoMarines

A small but mighty team.

Our Corporate and Sponsors department engages our external stakeholders in supporting our school programs and connects with businesses to develop their sustainability practices .

The Growth and Education department focuses on program delivery, event organisation, educational development and strategic improvement. Both departments are supported by our CEO, administration team and our Board.

EcoMarines Foundation Board

Chairman / Board Director

David James

Secretary / Board Director

Louise Yates

Treasurer / Board Director

Alaistair Dooley

Board Director

Bill McDonald

Board Director

Brian Clinton

Board Director

Ben O'Hara

Board Director

Michael Zeuschner

"Through education, collaboration and commitment our programs inspire environmental leadership. Our schools and businesses become change agents with a shared aim to play their part in making our planet a better and safer place for all."

Louise Yates
Board Director, Secretary and former CEO
EcoMarines Foundation